Subdepartment: The Haredi Perspective

Absolute Faith

We believe in Jerusalem. A Jerusalem that is a focal point for all believers. In God. Humanity. The Earth.

In light of our belief that all Jerusalem’s population are equally impactful, we are taking steps to learn about, research and make initial connections with members of the ultra-orthodox community who are open to working collaboratively with us.

The haredi department takes a two-pronged approach. Firstly, it makes every effort to understand the unique position and role that the multifaceted haredi community plays in Jerusalem’s intricate social fabric and the festival. And secondly, it explores the potential and ability of Mekudeshet to consolidate, assist and weave together the community’s creative infrastructure with JSOC’s expertise.  

With a firm belief that Jerusalem is the sum of the people who call it home and pray to it every day, we seek the point at which holiness meets and connects with sanctity.

We may just be at the beginning but they say the eternal people doesn't fear a long journey…

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