We Are

The people who lead the Jerusalem Season of Culture

Naomi Bloch Fortis

The Executive Director, the only Jerusalem shepherd who lives in the 09 pone district

Naomi Bloch Fortis lives, breathes and dreams Jerusalem, even when she is awake. She founded the Season together with Itay Mautner (the first artistic director) and Karen Brunwasser (the Season’s deputy director) in 2010, and is responsible for its vision, content and the implementation of this beautiful and meaningful creation.

Prior to 2010, she served as the director of the Batsheva Dance Company and spent more time in New York than Jerusalem, but since joining the Beit Yitzhak-Derech Beit Lechem trajectory, you could say that she is a Jerusalem devotee, that she believes in Jerusalem and that for her Jerusalem is an Island of tolerance, openness and multiple narratives. 

 A conversation with her will blow your mind.




Rivka Saker and Yossi Heymann

Board Co-Chairmans of the Jerusalem Season of Culture.

Yossi is a born strategist and a Yakir Yerushalayim (Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem) who breathes, runs and is attuned to Jerusalem. He served as the Director-General of the Jerusalem Municipality and is currently the Executive Director of JDC-Eshel.

Rivka Saker is an art and culture expert whose life pivots around creativity in Israel. For Rivka, art is a way of life and the ultimate engine for social change