Research and Development Department

Dissolving Boundaries Institute

The Dissolving Boundaries Institute is JSOC’s elite unit comprising three primary components: research, development and hosting.

The members of the institute research the phenomena, places and people who make Jerusalem a living laboratory for social change and convert this knowledge into the raw material that shapes the actions of all our departments.

Members of the institute support, nurture and unite the community of boundary dissolvers and open people who work on behalf of Jerusalem; each in their own field and community, 365 days a year, in order to turn Jerusalem’s challenges, difficulties and barriers into advantages and potential for a more diverse, multilayered and progressive society.  The department’s toolset comprises gatherings, which introduce the boundary dissolvers to one another, educational programming and a growing network of civic, artistic and cultural activists. 

The institute also forms, hosts and leads groups of opinion shapers, journalists, donors, important guests and lovers of Jerusalem who are seeking more open, alternative perspectives of the city. The journeys take place in the three main languages that resonate from the city’s streets and cause all the participants to think again whether they are first time visitors or ninth generation Jerusalemites. 

Would you like to organize a journey or need more information?

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