Culture Has No Season

JLM Muse

Personalized, Jerusalem cultural experiences

The Mekudeshet festival is the jewel in the crown of our artistic work. The prism through which we filter all the insights, discoveries and moments of brilliance that Jerusalem provides into a fascinating art festival that alters consciousness. It proposes an alternative reality and asks audiences to shed (even if it’s just for a moment) the perspectives and opinions they bought with them, and to allow utopia to burst through reality.      

B-u-t culture doesn’t really have a season even though our name is the Jerusalem Season of Culture (an early mistake that is proving difficult to fix), we understood very quickly that what we have to say, we want, need and can say all year round.

This is why we set up the JLM Muse department, which offers unique, personalized cultural experiences. We offer the general public, organizations and public institutions the chance to purchase art and activist tours in which they are introduced to the most creative, intriguing and daring forces in the city. We invite them to join us for inspiring, mind-expanding doco-theatrical journeys, to order unique and fascinating lectures, which touch on every aspect of art, culture and civil society in Jerusalem and, for the first time, a peek behind the scenes and an up-close look at how the Mekudeshet festival is created, to meet the people who dream about and are responsible for the realization of these dreams and maybe even have a say in its future content.  

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Speak to Gili she knows everything there is to know about Mekudeshet.