Communications Department

Pillars of Consciousness

Jerusalem is our inspiration and the artwork. It is the chief protagonist and the set. Jerusalem spurs us into action and inspires us to create and influence.

Mekudeshet’s communications department thrives in this wonderful state of consciousness known as Jerusalem, to which it adds its own insights, concepts and axioms through multiple mediums above and below the radar.

We identify, describe and define Jerusalem phenomena, find new way to present the city’s many daily realities and initiate, produce and create original artworks (visual and written) to expand and compound the city’s impact.

The department also runs a Mekudeshet Facebook page and Instagram account in different languages, frames the festival events and creates multiple and varied communications materials that shape the way that Jerusalem looks, sounds and spreads its message.

Want an example? Take a look at Jerusalem 2017 or “We Are Here” from 2014. There’s a lot more coming soon—we’ll keep you posted…

Want to know more?

Talk to Ariel, he’s good with words.